Tips To Avoid Teeth Extraction


When we go to the dentist the last thing that we want to hear is that we need to have a tooth, or several teeth pulled.  Out of all the teeth that we will have to deal with the molars are probably going to be the worst of the bunch.  If you have issues with your teeth and you are looking at a possible molar extraction jeffersonville then here are some tips.

Get X-rays early

When it comes to dental work the name of the game is preventing and catching issues early.  One of the best ways to catch something early is to get an x-ray of your mouth.  When you get an x-ray your dentist can see if there are nay issues growing beneath the surface that they need to be concerned with.  Some of these issues may be overcrowding of the teeth and teeth that may grow at odd angles.

Take good care of them

Taking good care of your teeth is the next step.  Watch what it is you are eating and drinking, don’t smoke, watch the side effects of your medications and engage in good oral hygiene by brushing and flossing. 

Watch what you eat

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You will want to watch what it is you eat.  Eating foods that are really hard can result in you chipping a tooth when eating.  You want to avoid foods that have sugars, acids and other things in them. These compounds can eventually start eating away at your teeth resulting in you needing to get dental work done.

Get preventive surgery

Another thing that you can do is get preventative surgery.  This involves getting braces and common procedures that will help with your tooth growth and care.  If you do things like this and keep your mouth healthy and happy, then you won’t have many or any issues.